Haydn’s Creation

City of Bristol Choir
City of Bristol Orchestra
conducted by David Ogden

Michelle Sheridan (soprano)
Ian Yemm (tenor)
Martin Le Poidevin (baritone)

David Ogden conducts City of Bristol Choir and Orchestra in a performance of Haydn’s masterpiece, Creation. This dramatic oratorio was inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost and uses words from the Book of Genesis to describe the making of heaven and earth, human beings and all other animals.

The opening is an extraordinary piece of music, portraying the formation of the earth from darkness before the blinding light of creation arrives. Sun, moon and stars, clouds, rain and snow, the continents and the seas, the grass and the trees: all are described in the colourful arias of the archangels Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael who are wonderfully characterized by soprano, tenor and bass, and extolled in the glorious choruses.

The concert will be enhanced by a backdrop of stunning pictures projected above the performance space. Award-winning television producer Mary Colwell has created a sequence of spectacular images from the natural world which will vividly illustrate the story. This combination of live music and visual imagery will give a unique dimension to this enduring choral masterpiece.

Tickets £17 (concessions £15, under 18s £5)