1. City of Bristol Choir has a legitimate interest in processing the data of its members for the proper administration of the choir. For example, we communicate choir business via email, we record subscription payments, music loans, folder details & general administration.

2. When any person comes on a tour with us we may need to record and process your passport details and share personal data with tour operators, hotels and transport companies. Specific requests for data are made at the time for those coming on tour for the purpose of the performance of a contract.

3. We will not share the data of members or subscribers to our online or postal mailing list with other organisations. We will not use members’ or subscribers’ data for anything other than choir business.

4. City of Bristol Choir will retain members’ data for the duration of their membership AND after they have left for two purposes: First, it will be retained for two years by the membership secretary to enable the collection of any outstanding music or the return of the folder. Second, in any event, if City of Bristol Choir has claimed Gift Aid on any payments made to City of Bristol Choir by the member, the member’s data will be retained for specific HMRC purposes for seven years after membership has come to an end.

5. City of Bristol Choir will retain the data of subscribers to our online and postal mailing list until the individual whose data is held unsubscribes or City of Bristol Choir is otherwise notified that the individual wishes to unsubscribe.